TradingScout Update-EPL Contests launch & GW24 free trial plus our move to a subscription model

EPL Contests Tool - Official Launch! (+ free GW24 trial)

Footstock was designed for real football and TradingScout was always intended to be a tool that could be used to help you pick and engage with real football Footstock contests and not just virtuals. Back in November we launched a Beta trial of our new EPL Contests tool and we have been working hard to finalise and enhance the tool since then. We are now excited to announce it is officially launched!

You will find the tool under the Contests menu item and once there you can select the EPL Contest that you want to select a team for:

We only show data for the teams in the contest that you select so that you only need to sort through the data that is relevant to that team choice. You can see everything from the overall Contest summary key stats through to detailed Footstock focussed stats on every premier league game of the season so far - for each team and player.

We provide the ability to look at the full season stats or the form in the last 5 games so that you can see the data that will help you best choose your team.

When you click on each team you can see all of the team EPL results and also click into each game to see the breakdown of the scores for all of the players in the matchday squad. Including the detailed PPG breakdown for each player and their Base PPG score for that game.

We've also incorporated tailored PPGB and PP90B stats for real football that better reflect real life performances rather than those that you may be used to for virtuals (more details in our summary guide).

When you click on the Squad summary this will show you the stats for all current squad members so you have a single easy to view summary - perfect for the single game contest entries or finding key differentials in your team selections.

Again, these can be view for the last 5 games or for the season to date.

Last but not least, we are excited to include a player summary page which allows you to see all the PPG scores for each player in the squad - allowing you to see the minutes they played in each game and a quick and easy to view summary of both their PPG and PPGB for each EPL game.

The tool will be free for all TradingScout users for GW24 so give it a try now! We'll continue to enhance the tools as part of our roadmap and have some exciting plans for the future but in the meantime please let us know if you have any feedback.

Our move to a subscription based model

Since our launch in July last year we have been providing access to TradingScout for free for all users at our own cost. This free to use model is unfortunately unsustainable for us and as such we will be moving to a subscription based model from next week. We are conscious that this may not be welcome news for some of our users but this is a necessary move for us to both cover our costs and more importantly, enable us to continue to develop TradingScout into the future with some of the plans that we have on our roadmap. We would also like the opportunity to run promotions and competitions for our users at some point in the future but this would not be possible without a way of funding this.

We will keep some areas of the site free to use such as our blog and movers page but from next week (probably Tuesday) a paid subscription will be required for full access to the site. We are conscious of having a subscription level which remains affordable for those that value the service we provide and therefore plan to launch this as a £3 per month subscription fee for access to all current tools and features, including our new EPL contest tool. We will provide a further communication on this next week but wanted to provide fair warning of this for anyone currently using the site for the forthcoming contests.

Please do get in contact with us at if you have any feedback or concerns on this.

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