Set Piece Summary GW1 - 11

One of the key areas that many Footstock players look at when they are choosing their contest teams is set-piece takers. So we thought we'd take a look at the stats to see what's actually happened so far in the first 107 games played from gameweek 1 to 11.


The best place to start is obviously the penalty takers. It's one of the first things I consider when picking my teams with 20 points available for each goal. In the 107 games so far we've seen a total of 50 penalties being awarded and we have had 22 different penalty takers so far (note that this doesn't include non EPL games so someone like Werner isn't yet in the list but looks to be the designated penalty taker for Chelsea). The most from any one team is 8 (Leicester) with Fulham and Brighton on 5 each. Burnley, West Brom, West Ham and Wolves are yet to receive a single penalty.


If you are anything like me then one of the areas you consider when picking players is who are the free kick specialists. They can be the source of high points scoring with 20 points for a goal, 10 points for an assist and 0.5 points for each cross. But how common have free kicks goals been this season and how many free kick crosses actually occur?

Free Kick Goals

In the first 11 Gameweeks there have been 100 Free Kick Shots from 52 different players. Of those, only 33 have been on target (from 22 different players) with only 6 goals (from 4 players).....

Are you surprised how few there were?

Free Kick Crosses

There have also been a total of 316 Free Kick Crosses from 74 players (only 84 were accurate!). Only 8 players have taken 10 or more free kick crosses this season:


With points for assists and crosses, players who take corners can also be a fruitful pick. But what do the stats look like for the season so far?

We've had 1065 corners taken by 100 different players. Of these 832 were crosses (from 87 different players). Only 14 players have taken 20 or more corner crosses:

I'm not sure whether that will help you with any contest team picks or not but hopefully interesting to see the overall stats and there are a few players who feature across all the set piece best performers. We'll maybe revisit this later in the season to see how the stats progress.

Note - the exact numbers for the above vary slightly depending on the data source you use so if you spot anything that doesn't match this may be the reason. However if you spot anything obviously inaccurate please let me know and I'll investigate and correct where necessary.

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