Predicted January Category Changes

There are still a few EPL games to be played before the player category changes take effect on Monday 4th Jan but we have taken an early look at which players are currently lined up to change category. At the moment 66 players are predicted to change.....

Please note that the 9 games due to be played on Fri - Sun will impact the scores and so the above will be subject to change.

As a reminder, players can move by a maximum of 1 category each month so although Bertrand Traore currently has a PPG score that would normally place him at the Rare (3*) status he can only move to Common (2*). In addition, we have assumed that Ricardo Pereira is restricted as he has reached the maximum of 2 drops in category whilst being injured. If he appears in the Leicester matchday squad on Sunday then this protection will no longer apply. In addition, players cannot move category if they have less than 8 eligible matches. The predictions above are based on the current number of games played but there are currently only 2 players who have 7 eligible games so we don't believe this will have a significant impact on the category changes this month.

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