Optimal Teams - The November Monster

To continue our look at Optimal Contest teams we have taken a look at the November Monster which took place in GW10.

Here were the results:

Maddogbeast took home the £3,029.04 first prize with a winning score of 302.98 - an average of 27.5 per player from 11 players and 28 stars but 2 players didn't actually play (Matip and Aguero).

With Newcastle playing the opening fixtures, the choice of Darlow (3 saves and a clean sheet) and Joelinton (1 goal, 1 assist) provided a great start and once Mahrez (3 goals) and De Bruyne (2 assists) had scored 120.05 between them in their 5-0 win against Burnley, the rest of the field we left with a lot to do to try and compete.

But lets take a look at how much could have been scored with the optimal contest team selection...

A score of 514.77 was possible (211.79 more than the winning score). This is an average of 46.8 points per player or 18.4 for each of the 28 stars that were available (this is actually 20.6 per star as only 25 stars are used). Meslier had a huge game in Leeds' 0-1 away win at Everton, making 8 saves and 15 ball recoveries. The remaining players each scored and/or assisted - Mendy and Ogbonna each got a goal., Wilson got a goal and assist alongside Joelinton. Cavani got 2 goals and an assist as a second half substitute. Bowen, Lookman and Podence each got a goal and assist, Lookman got a goal.

Interestingly, all the players in the optimal team were in winning teams (the 6 points for a win are very important!) and all of the utility players who can be picked from any position were taken up by Forwards. There have been an average of 2.9 goals per game so far this season in the premier league which is higher than any previous premier league season (the overall average from 29 seasons is 2.66) so unsurprisingly goalscorers are key to maximising contest scores.

Taking a look ahead to the December Monster we see that although the position restrictions are the same as the November Monster, the maximum stars have been increased to 30.

Leicester v Man Utd is the opening fixture where we will be able to see the lineups before the contest entries are closed but there's plenty of juicy looking fixtures to look forward to!

How close will you be able to get to the Optimal December Monster Team? It could be the best Boxing Day ever! - we can't wait.

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