Optimal Teams - The January Monster

The December Monster had a total of 945 entries (71 more than the December Monster and 344 more than the November Monster) and a prize pool of £18,900 (£20 entry).

Here were the EPL game results:

GW21 saw a total of 20 goals, which is 3 less that the December Monster and 5 less than the November Monster but how did this impact the winning and optimal scores?

FPL Differential took home the first prize of £2,961.63 with a score of 314.43. This is remarkably similar to both the December Monster winning score (314.40) and the November Monster winning score (302.98). Again we saw a week where getting 11 players playing was the first challenge with Pep roulette and Touchel roulette as the new manager of Chelsea along with other unforeseen changes playing havoc with peoples team selections. FPL Differentials winning team only had 2 players (Salah and Bamford) from the optimal team......

The Optimal score was 469.33, a little bit higher than the December Monster Optimal (413.86) but lower than the November Monster (514.77). We see Forwards take up most of the utility spots (similar to November but Midfielders dominated in December) but once again we see that it isn't always necessary to use the full 30 star allocation to get the best scores.

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