Optimal Teams - The December Monster

The December Monster had a total of 874 entries and a prize pool of £22,480 (£20 entry topped up by £5,000 by Footstock). This is a great increase from the 601 entrants to the November Monster - perhaps as a result of the lower entry fee (The November entry fee was £30) but a great sign all the same.

Here were the results:

With 2 extra stars to play with this month (30 rather than 28) I did wonder whether we'd see any difference in the scores. Let's take a look.....

gizmo took home the winning prize of £3,581.06. His score of 314.40 was slightly higher than last months winning score of 302.98. This month the winner had all 11 players appearing (maddogbeast won with only 9 player playing in November) - perhaps an achievement in itself! Interestingly, 5 of the 11 players gizmo picked were in the Optimal Team. But even more interestingly gizmo won with 5 defenders and only 1 attacker! There were 23 goals in total across the 10 fixtures (there were 25 in GW10 for the November monster) but not many were scored by your typical goalscorers which just goes to show any team strategy can work on a given gameweek. With an average of 28.58 per player, or 10.48 per star, the low star defenders certainly seemed to be enablers.

Onto the Optimal Team...

The maximum score of 413.86 (from 26 stars) is much lower than November (514.77 from 25 stars) despite the higher overall star allocation of 30. The top score of 50.90 from El Ghazi is also lower than November's top score of 79.85 from Mahrez. And whereas the utility spots were all taken up by forwards in November, we see 4 midfielders and a second goalkeeper in December (we also saw two goalkeepers in the Optimal Gold team in GW12). Meslier was the only player to appear in both the November and December optimal teams. With 4 Aston Villa players in the optimal team, using only 6 stars in total, they were definitely the key team to be on this gameweek!

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