Optimal Teams - GW12 Gold/Silver/Bronze

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

As we fast approach EPL GW13 we wanted to introduce a new regular TradingScout blog where we will be looking at the Optimal Teams each gameweek so that we can see what the perfect team would have been.

With the selection restrictions it isn't always as easy as it seems to find the perfect combination so we've spent a lot of time (well @Whadders has!) working on the code to enable us to calculate this for each of the Gold, Silver and Bronze contests. and we hope this provides some useful insight!

Taking a look at GW12 we see some interesting results. The Gold winning score from gazza17 was 246.18 but the maximum possible score was 357.81. But to achieve that you would have had to have picked 2 goalkeepers which I don't think many have as their Gold contest strategy! The average score per player for Gold to win was just 27.4 with 39.8 points per player being possible with the optimal team (with only 24 stars used!).

For Silver, fsmonkey won with a score of of 213.63 (30.5 points per player). The maximum possible score was 289.31 (41.3 points per player) making it the highest average scores per player across all 3 contest levels. Only 20 stars were needed from the 21 available for the maximum score. Interestingly this equates to roughly 14 points per star which may be something worth bearing in mind when selecting your contest teams.

And finally, for the Bronze, irishvillian won with a score of 174.28 (29 points per player) with the maximum score possible being 227.99 (38 points per player or 20.7 per star).

Note - Soucek and Ogbonna also scored 33.05 so could have replaced Bednarek above.

It's clear that the optimal strategy for each contest level varies and we'll keep an eye on the scores in the coming gameweeks to see what patterns arise.

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